Wandering Kayak

Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest


Lianne Morgan leaving Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island

Lianne Morgan leaving Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island

Tom Callanan said, “The more I wander, the more I wonder.”

I have found this to be true.

I have a noisy life.

For me, (Hi, I’m Lianne Morgan), kayaking is a sort of meditation. A time when the static falls away to being present. It’s a time when I get reacquainted with the beauty, intensity and unpredictability of silence. I hear inside myself again. I can feel the drumbeat of adventure. My senses are alive with the natural beauty around me.

I remember seeing a picture of people kayaking with Orcas when I was in my twenties living in California. I knew I wanted to do that ‘someday.’ On the verge of turning fifty and living in Puget Sound, Washington, the dream of paddling with Orcas visited me again. In January of 2013, I booked an August trip with Sea Kayaking Adventures to Johnstone Straight in British Columbia. To prepare, I took a women’s kayaking course with my daughter who was going to join me on the trip. I am forever grateful to the fabulous team at Back and Beyond on Bainbridge Island who ran a fantastic three-day course in April 2013. I was hooked. I rented boats and kayaked nearly every weekend.

The trip to Johnstone Straight was fabulous but it left me wanting a whole lot more. Faced with the kayak rental shops closing for the season, in September of 2013 I bought a used Current Designs Extreme kayak. I like to do something a little audacious to mark each decade of my life. For my 50th, I’d like to do a short solo expedition in British Columbia in the summer of 2014. I’m working on that. Researching. Practicing strokes. Learing navigation skills. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Breath in. Breath out. Paddle on.